DMP provides its customers with custom engineered solutions. Our highly skilled team uses CAD/CAM software to develop high quality designs specific to the needs of the products. 



Permanent mold casting

Machining & finishing 

At DMP, customers receive a fully finished and functional product. Along with the use of our CNC machinery and vibratory finisher, we have heat treating, painting and assembly capabilities. DMP is a single source for all of your casting needs. 

Aluminum die casting

Aluminum is one of the most common non-ferrous metals cast due to its strong, light, corrosion-resistant and highly conductive properties. Our facility is equipped with 850-ton and 1600-ton cold chamber presses. DMP is a leader in the aluminum die casting industry.

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DMP's facility is equipped with four permanent mold machines. The benefits of using permanent mold casts are that the products have a smooth finish and highly accurate dimensions. Our tilt-pour permanent mold machines allow us to manufacture consistent, quality products.